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I like Yoshi Touch and Go!

Now, this one might need a little bit explaining. A lot of you may remember this game a little bit. Maybe you played it as a kid for a short while or heard a youtuber shit on it for it's "lack of content". But I am entirely serious when I say that I love Yoshi Touch and Go, the Nintendo DS launch title developed and published by Nintendo themselves, from the bottom of my heart.
I played it a lot as a kid, and I loved it simply because I loved everything Yoshi-related. Now I still love it for what it is: A very solid highscore based autorunner.
In this game you guide Baby Mario and Yoshi through a variety of levels and modes by drawing clouds onto the DS touchscreen and try to get the most points based on the objective of the mode. That might be getting the most points for defeating enemies, getting the farthest in marathon mode, being the fastest in time attack and getting the farthest while having to defeat enemies to extend your time limit.
In early 2023, Yoshi Touch and Go recieved Retro Achievements. This means you are now able to hunt for absolute completion in this game, all the while getting legitimate bragging rights on the Retro Achievements webpage. I missed my shot at being the first to do so, but completing these is one of my most important long term projects in gaming.

And while I'm at it: I also personally set up a leaderboad on speedrun.com for the time attack mode, where I used to hold the world record because I was the only one who ever submitted a run. Nukumori, the current world record holder, didn't just bother to beat me though, he actually set up a decent time. So I'll have to put my back into getting it back.