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I hate coffee but I like Latte but not as much as I like tea

Today I went to therapy. That's nice because my therapist was like "If you've been meaning to write this one email for so long then why not just do it now, here in session." and then I did and it took like less than 3 minutes and he was like "Yeah you're literally waisting more time by worrying about this stuff than it takes to do this stuff."
And he is completely correct, but this knowledge alone isn't enough to stop doing it. I need... I don't even know what I need. I need 10000€ in cash, then I'd feel less stressed.
So yeah therapy was nice I had a tea there because my therapist always makes me a tea which is pretty nice. After that I went to a café to meet a friend, and then I went home to vibe. I also tried using my かき氷機 (shaved ice maker) for the first time today. The ice looked really nice, but as soon as I poured my selfmade banana syrup onto it, it completely melted. I don't really know why. It was very tasty though! So even if I didn't get かき氷 (shaved ice), I still got a really nice banana milkshake. Or I milkshave you could say.
Oh, one other productive thing I did: I translated my Taiyaki recipe into English and added some explanaition on how it's made, rather than just listing the ingredients. I'll add it to my projects list when I have decided where I want to host the pdfs.

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I'm not tired you're tired

Okay that's a lie I'm very tired. Remember how I was going on about going on a trip for the weekend? Yeah I did that, and it was really fun and nice and I learned a lot of things and got to know a lot of cool people and I also spent a little bit of time with some epic friends.
However it was also very exhausting. The organizing really could've been a lot better, and there was just way to much going on over a day. And then daylight saving time also stole us an hour of sleep, so we were really lacking in that department. On my way home, some dude walked through the train with his dog and it pooped right next to my seat. It was smelling horribly. And while the owner tried to clean it, that wasn't before someone seized the opportunity to walk through it and run everything into the carpet, so some of it was still there, smelling for quite some time until I either got so used to it or it stopped smelling because it got dry. I don't know. And don't care. I've already been going on about this shitty experience for way too long.
Today I went to my endocrinologist. It was an important appointment because I was running low on meds and I haven't actually talked to my endocrinologist in a year.
Tiny problem though: The endo is in another town, and today German public transport saw a nation wide strike. Don't get me wrong, I totally support them! Power to all unions and everyone who isn't taking shit when fighting for better wages. It just meant I had to go by car, and fuel is a little more expensive than using the train with a discount. Even worse: Usually place I park at has free parking if you go to the super market next to it, which I usually do because chances are there's something I need anyway. But today for some reason they still charged me 4€ for staying less than 2 hours. Not a fan.
At least I applied for those 200€ inflation bonus for German university students today so I got a little extra money coming my way. And that's the high note I wanna go to bed on. Good night!

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Little Kurisu wants to get picked up at Småland

Today I went to Ikea to get a bunch of stuff. And also to look for a bunch of stuff. Despite having lived in this room for half a year at this point, I do not have a wardrobe. I don't have a lot of things! But I don't need them to live, I just need them so my room feels like a home and not like a cave.
So I looked around and got quite a few things: Boxes for my shelf, clocks for the kitchen and bath, a new lamp (The old one was hanging so low that you would always bump your head against it).
I also had to realize that new wardrobes are like... extremely expensive. And they don't even have any in the color I want! I wanted to go for a birch wood aesthetic, I always liked how it's very light but still has this natural vibe to it. But have you tried to find a wardrobe below 200€ that's birch colored? I guess I'll have to go for a used one after all. Which sucks because... I kinda had a gift card for 50€ that I should've used today but I forgot to take it with me. So now I gotta spend another 50 bucks there!

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I have unlocked the secret to everlasting bliss

I haven't done anything here in a few days. But that's okay because the reason there was no blog entry was that nothing fucking happened. I was just vibing and feeling kinda mid.
But today I had therapy! That actually helped, we didn't do much but just me dumping a little already helped lifting my mood. It helped me so much in fact, that I was motivated enough to do something that I've been meaning to try for a while: Bake melonpan!
I absolutely love melon pan with all my heart and stomach and I haven't had any since... I think when I was on my flight back to Germany last September. I got one final one before boarding at a conbini in Narita and that was it. I've never seen them in Germany, not in any Asian super markets, restaurants or literally anywhere. So obviously I had to do it myself, as I have previously done with Taiyaki. I love Taiyaki, and not to brag, but I think I have gotten quite good at baking them. The best part about making them myself though is that I am able to make them vegan and then I can share them with all my friends which is literally the thing I love most about baking.
I also want to create a place on here dedicated to my baking endevours. Share some pictures, share my recipies... I mean most of them I stole from the internet but I'll usually have modified it to suit my own devious tastes. I don't particuarly like anko (red bean paste) for example, which is the most common filling for Taiyaki, so I'll usually make them with sweet potato paste, as I've come to love it in Nipponbashi in Ōsaka. That Taiyaki store in Denden Town? It's the best. The state of art. What I strive for.
I kinda derailed a bit though. I wanna share my recipies! I usually make them bilingual, German and Japanese, but I guess for this place I'll start adding English into the mix. You totally gotta show me if you're ever actually gonna make something with them!

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I got a guitar

Today I had tandem with a Japanese friend of mine, but I also really wanted to go on a car ride and buy an electric guitar.
So I just forced my friend to come with! I mean we did talk a lot in the car and managed to get everything done both of us would have expected from todays tandem meeting, and also I got the chance to show him just how bad the German Autobahn really is, despite the country acting like it's the best thing we have to offer. So that was nice!
I also played a lot of Splatoon again, but after that much totally focused "Japanese learning" I totally deserved that.

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Can't help being a gaymer

I didn't get work done today. Like, none that my mom would be proud of at least. I did get the interests page for Yoshi Touch and Go done and played quite some Splatoon today though.
But yeah, nothing too fancy today. Basically I'm just abusing my blog as an update log today. ^^
But it's my page and I think it's fine to do it this way. Tomorrow I'll do some more adventuring, maybe then there will be more to tell.

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I'm just sitting at the optician waiting for a clerk

Today a friend asked me if I would go to the optician with them, which I happily did! They had an appointment, but we still managed to wait for two hours until someone had time for us. It's obviously bad, because... come on, what do you even hand out appointments for if you're gonna make us wait for so long, but I didn't mind to much. I got finally got to do some of my timekiller tasks again. What those are? Playing Pokémon on my GBA SP and reading the Ika Musume manga. I always have a Gameboy and/or one manga volume with me, in case I have some time to kill. So today I managed to get done with the 4th volume of Ika Musume and did some gringing on victory road in Pokémon Blue. I can't wait when I can finally go and play Crystal instead, but I'm very underleveled and it will be a while until I'm done with it. Oh, also I got a free coffee as compensation for my time. It didn't really coffee coffee, but it was free so I don't mind.
After my friend found some actually really nice glasses and all of the paperwork was done, I went to the food court to get some dinner and hopefully work on my report a little, which I didn't. Instead I met some other friends and was just vibing with them until the food court closed down. But hey, sometimes you need days like that. Socialization is a positive time investment, especially in real life. Makes serotonin go brrrr.
I hope I'll get some work done tomorrow, but we'll see. I'll keep you up to date!

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Just vibing

Today I feel like I did nothing. That's not even true though, I did quite a lot of housework. And I finally got around to plant my vegetables! The shared flat I moved to after coming back from Japan (aka. my home) has a small backyard, so I thought of growing some cucumbers there over the summer. I'm also growing peppers, but I'm not sure yet if it wouldn't be better to keep those inside.
I also learned that I'm going on a weekend long trip later this month, which is nice because my friends will be there and I don't have to pay for anything.
But yeah, despite everything... right now I can't help feeling kinda unsatisfied. Maybe I should work a little more on the interest page to have something I can look at and say "I did that today." Yeah, I think that's what I'll do. I also had the idea to maybe put my game log here. I used to have a twitter thread with games I finished over the last two years, but with twitter kinda becoming uninhabitalbe I don't feel like keeping it going so I might do something similar here instead.

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Busy day, but without work

My family visited! I also showed them this webpage, so if you're reading this, hi!
To be honest, this is a very special occasion in my book, because I live pretty far away from where I grew up. I go home semi-reguarly, but really don't get visited often. That is why I took this day of and spent the day with them, which was quite fun! We went to some toursity places that I have never seen before because I didn't wanna spend the money, ate at a really good Indian restaurant and in the end went to see a classic 1980 Japanese action movie that peaked my interest: Crazy Thunder Road, a punk-action movie about biker gangs. It was a very interesting movie, both as a political and historical artpiece. Also the soundtrack was a bob, I'll have to check it out eventually. If you're into older movies and interested in Japans counter culture of the late 20th century, I recommend you check it out!

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Me when I work on this site to procrastinate

Seriously, this week is so packed, I shouldn't even be here. But it's just my little happy place, what can I do.
I also would've loved to do something for ミクの日 (Miku day) yesterday, but I was busy feeling bad because I should be working instead. But hey, happy MAR10-day! Maybe I'll play a round of Super Mario World before going to bed. These 11-exit runs are great for a few nice minutes of comfort.
Oh, and on the topic of games I like: The interest page exists now!! It's really not much, right now you can only look at buttons that don't work. But I think they are pretty! Might add more later. Maybe even a lot more, but then not everything will ever get a functionality, I think some of them will just be like "I like this stuff" so that you can look at it and be like "Woah, she likes that stuff? I like that stuff, that's so cool!"
Yeah, so apart from that... I'll now go on to have a pretty exhausting weekend, and maybe next week will be better, but I don't know. Future me will let you know though!

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Mom, pick me up I'm tired

I didn't write a blog or work on the website for TWO days! And the worst is, this is going to continue, I'm just too busy. There are so many annoying appointments that I can't even get myself to make progress on the stuff that I have to do that prevents me from working on the website, even though the deadline is already passed and I am just waiting for my client to send me the message that they wanna have it done by someone else because I took too long. :')
But I cannot allow this to drag me down, my therapist told me to "keep the ball rolling", so I I decided to write ab blog entry as a way to cheer myself up. And I think it works! I wanna write about how I got a package today and it contained a power adapter for my Virtual Boy (I got it in Japan and live in Europe, so the original won't do) and a bunch of replacement batteries for my gameboy games, that makes me pretty happy!
So I can't wait to use that stuff and show all of it off on here once the designated pages for projects and interests are done. I decided that I'll scrap the gallery and split it up into a section about media that I like (kinda like shrines I dunno if I'll call them that), and hobbies that I pursue, like me modding game consoles or taking GB Camera pictures or whatever. It'll be fun! Just has to wait a little.
So yeah, now you know what's popping and I can go back to my work that I will hopefully get done today.

Oh, and happy international womens day! Women are so cool! And feminism is too! Please do feel epic if you're woman or non-binary or transmasc person, and especially if you're trans, non-white, disabled or marginalized in any other way!

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Working on a Sunday? It's more likely than you think

I didn't get to play the Big Run with my friends. Not even a duo. But I got lucky one time and had epic randos who I got 113 eggs with. That is satisfactory.
However, what I am most satisfied with is that I actually kinda got shit done for my report on queer education in Japan today. I really suck at these reports. But this one I really wanna write.
When I was living in Japan, I was trying to get in touch with local queer communities, trying to make some friends, finding something to do, somewhere to go... but it didn't really work out.
Now, I don't know if this is because there were none, or because I just couldn't find them, but either way, I was kinda bummed I couldn't find any info on anything going on within Japanese queer spaces. And that got me thinking: Even if there are some, it kinda sucks that they don't seem to be accessible. So I decided to write on that, kinda shine light on that issue.
Oh. And I also worked on the website. I added some pwetty pictures! It doesn't look like much, but there was a lot of learning involved. Today I learned how to crop images in css. That's maybe a skill that might one day be useful to me again, so yay. And I also made the website mobile friendly! It's not the prettiest thing, but it's what I could do in css without having to go through every html file, and it works. There is even a version for tablets that's more like the desktop version, just prettier on a slim screen.
So yeah, kinda proud of myself. That's nice! I should've picked up liveblogging YEARS ago if it's always so nice to reminisce about ones daily achievements.

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Living in the city, you know you have to survive

Today I went to the city with a friend. I hoped we might be able to play some Big Run together at my place, but since she forgot her Switch we were just vibing at this overly fancy poutine restaurant and at the café.
Was still pretty nice, it's been a while since we've seen each other, but it might become a little more frequent in the future because German public transport is becoming a tiny bit more affordable!
So yeah, I spent most of my day with that and after coming home I played some Big Run with randos. It was horrible at first, but now that it's a little later it got a tiny bit better. Still hope I'll get the chance to play in a coordinated group before it'll be over, 88 eggs isn't much of a high score. But hey, there's still one more day, so we'll see!

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So this is it, my first blog entry

I gotta say, I'm proud of myself. I mean the gallery like, doesn't exist yet at all but I think I'll get there. It's just rare that I have an idea like "I wanna do this" and then I actually see it through. But I really think that isn't the case here, I've already come too far for this. To think that I would ever try my hand at coding again after that computer class in high school... (I dropped out because my laptop was too bad to handle java and I couldn't keep up with class when I was basically busy troubleshooting my PC the entire time.)
But I did it (mostly)! And soon I will be able to return to my normal procrastinating schenanigans. Either that or I will work on a mobile version for the site or some other junk.
We'll see, but I'll try to keep you up to date.

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