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Hi, I'm Kurisu (she/her)!

I do a lot of fun stuff, just none of it ever consistantly.
I dabble in console modding, streaming, translating... and a billion of other hyperfixations that tend to not stick around too much. I watch a lot of anime (Mainly slice of life and comedy stuff), play a lot of video games (mostly from Nintendo) and I absolutely love karaoke. I guess it's possible to tell anyway but I really love Squid Girl and Splatoon right now.

Oh, I also am a hopeless tea addict. It's just in my blood. Where I'm from, the middle of nowhere of northern Germany, we drink more tea than they do in England.
And I probably drink way more of it than most people in my hometown do. I drink it black and with a little bit of rock candy, as you traditionally do.

If you want to get in touch with me and don't use social media (which is kinda based to be honest), you can write me an email at "kurisuvanedge[at]gmail.com!"